Our first Golden came to us in 1976.The Kennel Club affix 'Kerrien' was awarded in 1982 after we realized that Goldens were a huge part of our lives and would remain so for as far as we could see into the future.
Su took to showing the dogs like a duck to water, whilst Peter was working them in the field, picking up in the shooting season. Su put up with the inevitable cuts and scrapes despite having to work hard at bathing and trimming for the show ring.
Over the years we have bred a few litters and Su has continued to enjoy the showing side of the dogs and has been quite successful. She has shown our dogs with wins up to RBIS at general championship show level.

Su awards CC's and has judged in several countries in Europe and as far afield as Australia.

Kerrien breeding has been quietly successful in many parts of the world.
Our dogs are part of our family and as such live in our home. We have never had dogs which live in kennels. What is the point of having such wonderful companions if they are not with you and have to be 'visited' in their kennel?

Harry, our youngest grandson, feeding the girls from the table. Not usually allowed and caught in the act.

The girls love sharing his yogurt.

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